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Whether by road, sea or air freight, we believe moving goods should be straightforward. No surprises, no guesswork. 

Why Mainstream?

We deliver more than freight
We deliver more than freight
There’s a lot that can go wrong between point A and point B. Weather, accidents or simple human error can impact on your freight – and your business along with it. That’s why we’ve spent 25 years refining the way we do things. It’s all about managing for risk while making your experience feel seamless.
We invest in technology
We invest in technology
People are great for things like creative thinking and communication, but there are times when computers are faster and more accurate. That’s why we’ve invested heavily in clever technology that makes using Mainstream faster and easier than ever before.
We put your needs first
We put your needs first
At Mainstream we’re all about the way you work. We’re flexible enough to personalise our service to suit the needs of every business – whether you’re operating from offices all over the globe, or out of your garage. That starts with listening, and finishes with getting hands on, so we always deliver – your freight, and on your expectations.
No surprises!
No surprises!
That’s what you want when you’re trusting your business or precious items to another company. That’s why at Mainstream we have a no-surprises policy – keeping you informed every step of the way, and take every step to catch things before they go wrong. For freight solutions that really do deliver, talk to us today

Cutting edge technology

In this day and age its important to keep up to speed with technology. We always use the latest technology to manage our freight

  1. Purpose built freight management system
    Mainstream has spent 25 years developing our own freight and warehouse management systems.  Our Technology is built for purpose, and having our own development teams in house gives us the ability to move with changing market conditions rapidly and not be reliant on external service providers.
  2. Seamless System Integration
    Probably the most important part of our system, from the customers perspective, is the ease with which we can automate data transfer between your system and our own.  This not only significantly reduces the time it takes to do business with us, it increases the level of accuracy of that business - less time chasing problems and more time to focus on your business.
  3. Reporting to suit your needs
    Our system enables us to provide you with the information that is important to you, custom reports on performance, inventory levels, detailed freight tracking and much, much more (available in a variety of formats).
  4. Customised Driver App and Customer Portals
    The very latest tools in our technology suite, a custom application written for our fleet of drivers giving our customers real time tracking, electronic proof of delivery (including endorsements) and traffic aware routing - helping us deliver on time as well as saving fuel and reducing our carbon footprint.  Our Customer portal - gives you the ability to directly interact with our systems all over a secure, web based and easy to use interface.

Simply people and companies working together, shoulder to shoulder to achieve common goals. 

That's why we understand first - and then develop ways to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

At Mainstream we're hands on and here to make a difference.

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